At Kotak Realty Fund we partner with our portfolio companies and enhance value by adopting a proactive investment strategy, risk mitigation techniques and financial engineering.

Proactive Investment Strategy

We choose our investments prudently and proactively by conducting extensive research and identifying emerging growth drivers to develop our investment ideas. Our core strength lies in our ability to respond swiftly to potential opportunities. Being well-capitalized with flexibility of investment routes, we have the ability to respond quickly to complex deals.

Risk Mitigation

Due to the legal, political and execution risks involved, we provide for adequate margin of safety by:

  • Undertaking appropriate and detailed due diligence
  • Use of conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows
  • Undertaking meticulous what-if scenario analysis

Financial Engineering

We actively participate in planning and advising our investee companies on their financing and capital arrangements and structures. We strongly believe in the prudent use of debt, and due to our extensive network have been able to assist portfolio companies in obtaining financing at better terms. As a cutting-edge financial institution, we are able to structure our investments innovatively and provide unique need-based financial solutions enabling the developer and us to enhance returns from investments.